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From April 8th today, Kentucky will offer two types of “Good Toco-Dori Packs” for a limited time!

Discounted “Good Toco-Dori Pack” for a limited time only

A special limited-time offer for Kentucky from April 8 (Wed) to April 21 (Tue) todayGood toco and purihackAppears in two types!

Good Toco Tori Pack A

・ Original chicken 3 pace
・ Kernel Christie
・ Phisket
・ Potato (S)

Price: 1,100 yen

Good Toco Tori Pack B

・ Original chicken 5 pace
・ Kernel Christie
・ Phisket
・ Potato (S) 2 pieces

Price: 1,500 yen

▼ Good Toco and Puri Pack A

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