State-of-the-art distribution environment handled by NTT–Akihabara UDX eSports facility "eXeField Akiba" released

NTT Te-Sports announced on August 7 for the media about the eSports facility “eXeField Akiba” [Exefield Akiba] to be opened in Akihabara UDX for the media ahead of the opening.

NTT Te-Sports was established in January by joint investment by NTT East, NTT Ad, NTT West, NTT Urban Solutions, SKY Perfect JSAT, and Taito. Its mission is to create new experiences and connections, create new cultures and societies, and contribute to local communities and the economy through "ICT x eSports."

In addition to the facilities such as eXeField Akiba, eSports comprehensive platform "eXeLAB" [exellab] [scheduled to start service in late August], online learning and exchange service "Unican" [scheduled to be offered on August 11], event solution business and To develop a consulting business aimed at regional revitalization

EXeField Akiba is a facility that is equipped with the latest ICT and the latest equipment and aims to provide a place to connect people to each other and regions to each other, and will start operation from August 11.

 The play area is equipped with a gaming PC, headset, and the latest gaming chair. There is also a space that can be used for events and seminars, and a large, high-definition LCD vision for watching games is also installed. The high-performance distribution equipment also serves as a base for online competition events nationwide. The distribution area is also equipped with high-performance distribution equipment and IP production, making it possible to hold online events that connect all over the country. There are also cafes that sell food and drinks, and a corner that displays the latest ITC equipment.

By the way, the equipment necessary for esports distribution and event holding, such as the area where the distribution equipment is lined up and the server rack, is installed in a form that can be seen in the table, not in the backyard. Mr. Junichi Kagezawa, vice president of NTTe-Sports, who explained the inside of the facility, said that he "helped people who want to do the same thing," he said.

Announcement of future development in NTTe-Sports. In addition to opening a special site of NTTe-Sports on Amazon, Yokohama F. Marinos, who is also known as a professional soccer team and also runs a professional esports team, has a collaborative agreement aimed at joint development of educational content for esports. Concluded.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Akihabara Washington Hotel and NTT East operated by Fujita Kanko, we will also conduct a demonstration experiment in the operation of the "esports concept room" at the Akihabara Washington Hotel. With the cooperation of the professional gaming team "DeToNator" operated by GamingD, we have prepared an esports concept room from August 11th, which provides an environment where guests can enjoy esports as comfortably as possible, such as gaming PCs and the latest gaming chairs. Offer for a limited time. The purpose is to verify the effectiveness of business and to establish a new culture of enjoying esports even at accommodations.

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