Steadily rooted to the drone’s presence

Last year 9 on”amendments to the Civil Aeronautics Act[aka:drone regulation law]”was enforced. Conventional of”critical facilities,population centers of the flight ban”in addition to”DUI[alcohol or drugs, etc. under the influence of the flight]prohibited”such as”commonsense amendments”were, and flip the [industrial]drones take advantage of the spread of her shows.

【Here】Rakuten and the king,of the auto shipping successful experiment in Iwate Prefecture the first time

Drone Pilot Training School”London Business cool Tokyo Nakameguro school”the operation of known Color test, new business development, also it is visible. The real estate field,the exterior wall survey, primarily real estate management business and put his hand to you.

The school has produced a drone pilot 2000 name too. The outer wall, embark on an investigation of the second half of 2017. Increasing day by day request background was. Aoki, Tatsuya President is”just a pilot instructor, or other infrared building diagnostic technician[city and living environment play a mechanism by which private qualifications]is also present. These two qualifications have to say that accurate surveys are possible”and confidence that shows.

From a cost perspective but also from the advantageous of the features. Traditionally, we have seen many exterior wall survey”gondola or rope+human”. Gondola+human compared to the cost is half the price. 40-storey tower condominium manpower to investigate a case of 1000 million yen or more, but the drone from a few hundred million more.

Aoki says,”We are couriers, such as the demand for logistics industry is expected,in time it will become so common that is still ahead. For the time being, the outer wall research to focus on as well. It is the norm to”have.

The exterior survey of the needs of the higher, and this trend is also pronounced. Extensive real estate-related publicly traded companies engaged in businesses, and Frontier real estate there. Incidentally 19 years and 3 months period”12.3%year on year,18.4%operating profit growth”⇒20 years and 3 months period during the year revised upward”37.4%year on year,24.6%operating profit growth”in the land. Analysts expected the share price [IFIS goal average]than 1900 yen,almost recovered 1364 yen or more 500 yen or more the upper limit is.

It frontier real estate is local, the text of part of the shares to get the capital and Business Alliance for the last 11 months. “Company-related property, the outer wall of the study the purpose of the partnership”was”not with our peers, from offer more than expected”and glad miscalculation to mouth,”drones and real estate the affinity of the height of again noticed”that.

A drone is simply a”boom”in the sense of presence, steadily rooted or not. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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