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Steam official support for Chromebooks? Rumors that Google is working-Engadget Japan

While Chromebooks are widely used as mobile learning tools on the go and at school, they have lagged behind other devices in gaming.

Meanwhile, rumors have been reported that Google is working towards official support of the game platform Steam on Chrome OS, and it may be possible to play a huge number of games in the future. Overseas tech site Android Police reported recently at CES 2020 that Kan Liu, director of product management for Chrome OS, had direct hints to the magazine's editor-in-chief to suggest that Google is working on bringing Steam to Chrome OS. Reporting.

Although it is not mentioned exactly when Steam comes to the Chromebook, it is confirmed that it is expected to be realized by Linux compatibility of Chrome OS. Google announced at the developer meeting Google I / O last year that "All Chromebooks released in 2019 are compatible with Linux", and Linux is actually available on many Chromebooks.

Steam for Linux is already available,It is also possible to install and play Windows games directly on Linux. This means that many Chromebooks can still play Steam games, but because they are not officially supported, each game is not optimized and does not achieve high performance.

More importantly, what Steam games are suitable for playing on Chromebooks. Most of the currently available Chromebook products have only GPUs with 3D acceleration restrictions, which inevitably imposes restrictions on games.

In this regard, Liu said that with the emergence of more powerful devices, and in particular the future of AMD Chromebooks will likely have discrete [instead of CPU integrated] GPUs. It is said that it should be.

Liu also said that among the Android apps downloaded to the Chromebook from the Play Store, games are the most downloaded category, and that adding Steam support will be very attractive to people who enjoy such games. You.

Another option for Chromebooks is the game streaming Stadia. What will happen to them? Google says that while Stadia enables gameplay without powerful hardware, such low-end Chromebooks do not compete with Steam games because they are not satisfactory.

In any case, the rumors are good news for the Chromebook market and users. In addition to Google's PixelBook Go as a high-spec ChromebookSamsun's Galaxy Chromebook also announcedHowever, if Steam is officially supported, it can be used in a wider range, and more manufacturers may launch machines with higher performance CPUs and GPUs.


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