Stock price innovative feel to Sanwa HD is tell that

Sanwa shutter, such as inside and outside 29 the company has Sanwa Holdings [Sanwa HD] of the school the creation of market value is 1100 yen. Since last year highs 1367 yen [2019 Years, 4 months, 15 days] from 20%near the fate of the next tranche of to the. From one office is sent to IFIS target average 1540 against the yen by 30% in the near divergence there. Incidentally 1540 yen for calculating the involved analysts 5 name. “Somewhat bullish for 1 person+bull 4 the people”with the situation.

For more information Ministry, and certainly the revenue trends have also,steadily and profits are stacking. Before the 3 month period of”6.3% year on year,11.5%operating profit growth,2 the dividend by ¥ 32 yen arranged”for the current fiscal year, the”3.7%of sales[4250 billion], 7.6% of sales, an increase [340 billion yen], 2 the dividend by ¥ 34 yen arranged”plan.

Actually, Sanwa HD let’s examine the thought that triggered the current situation, and seven months will be long enough for recovery of[the participants good or bad we do] share the lecture was. Q & A stage to”Sanwa HD no how”and the unexpected? Question exposed to. “At the moment and can not answer”and fled to me, and you answer with.

“This year,a downward revision is not. Continuous increased sales and profit. Since last year highs,or IFIS goal average from 2-3 割方 traders took profits have been forced to. The dividend payout ratio in excess of 30% which meets the conditions from the investment as worth considering”.

Review about Breasts, not grated, but the Asker Sanwa HD is also excellent for companies that have. “Shutter”or”door”is known, the following facts once again informed that the result was.

★Domestic steel shutters and industrial doors including 6 areas in the US in 2 areas in the market share of the top standing.

★But the shutters and doors of the domestic market,already 50% – odd share of the long term legacy growth is not expected. The 3rd earnings pillar, as part of our commitment to training that. “Partitions of products”. This fiscal year sales of 14.2 billion yen, the COO of Takayama 靖司 President is a”partition market size 2000 billion yen. Our share is 10% or less. The elongation of the there is room. The shutter・door pioneered a customer-centered aggressive sales gimmick which. Fortunately the General contractor to the sales force utilizing the toilet booth share 2nd place for”.

★Strengths of 3800 people over, the construction engineers system. The partition of the invasion to weapons and. The shutter・door of cultivating cultivated in M&A strategy in the hands of both weapons. Us Overhead Door [in 1996]and the 2003 European casino software group on the acquisition of symbolic. 19 years and 9 months in the COMPANY, from maintenance to the strengths of Suzuki shutter, but also a good example.

★The Fire Protection shutters and doors, such as fire protection equipment regular inspection of obligations with the force of the wind. Or”heavy rain”and to the growing interest waterproof the shutter such as”waterproof supplies”in 2% of the market share you have to also encourage and reward large.

Yahoo also Google are also investors stock price the search frequency of the high stocks of the current situation,all and never not realized. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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