Stones of the same size as teeth can be found on male gums


Stones of the same size as teeth can be found on male gums

X-ray examination of menOral cavity(Like this)A huge shadow of the same size as the teeth was found. This shadow was initially diagnosedWisdom teethIt was thought that it was a stone formed by salivaSalivary stone(Cough)Turned out to be a huge one.

Giant sialolith mimicking an impacted tooth | BMJ Case Reports

Giant Salivary Stone Growing in Man's Mouth Was So Big It Was Mistaken For a Tooth

The patient, a 37-year-old man, visited a local private hospital for intermittent pain in his right lower jaw. The affected area was swollen and the pain was so low that palpation was refused, and the mouth could only be opened about 1.5 cm. In response, the dentist at the private hospital buried the cause of the pain in the chinImpacted tooth(Mai Fukushi)Diagnosis is due to. I wrote a letter of introduction to a hospital where surgery is possible.

A male had an oral x-ray at the hospital and found a shadow the same size as the teeth. Below are the X-rays in question. An oval shadow is shown on the lower right jaw (lower left in the image) of a man. The actual size of this shadow is about 2cm.

Hospital doctors initially thought the shadow was wisdom, but for further investigationUltrasound examinationImplemented. As a result, the shadow in question turned out to be a huge "salivary stone" rather than a tooth. Subsequently, the surgical stone removed the salivary stone in question.

Although not discovered this time, the salivary stone has the following appearance. The following image is mosaiced on the thumbnail because it has blood immediately after extraction, but you can see the image without mosaic by clicking.

Salivary stones secrete salivaSalivary glandsIt is a calculus that forms in the inside of the body and in the conduit through which saliva flows from the salivary glands. According to the science news site ScienceAlert, it is known that salivary stones are composed of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, salt, protein, magnesium, potassium, ammonia, etc., but the cause is "Why can salivary stones be formed?" There are various theories about, "It is possible that the body produces saliva rich in bicarbonate"TheoryOr "It can be formed when the salivary tract is clogged with microorganisms"TheoryThere seems to be.

It is said that most of the salivary stones are less than 1 cm, but salivary stones as large as 3.5 cm in Turkey in 2015reportIt has been done. Reported by the University of California, Davis Hospital in 2008CaseIs a salivary stone with a maximum diameter of 2.6 cm buried under the chin as shown in the image below. The man in this case seems to have a constitution in which salivary stones are repeatedly formed at the same position. Salivary stones can usually be removed by surgery. Surgery has also removed salivary stones in 2008 and 2016 cases.

Salivary stone accounts for about 1.2% of all adults every yearDiscoveryIt is said that it is often seen especially in men in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Once the salivary stone is foundHigh risk of recurrence, Specialists recommend that you have a regular test for confirmation.

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