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The 500ml "Natural Alps Natural Water" which is convenient to carry has been stocked for 5 years.

Storage for 5 years! 500ml "Natural Alps natural water" for storage

No worries if you are prepared. The 500ml that can be stored in the natural waters of the Southern Alps that can be stored for 5 years is now available.

"Southern Alps natural water" for stockpiling that can be stored for 5 years by improving PET bottles. It is a nice point that the expiration date is clearly written on the label.

If it's 500ml, it's easy to use, so if you buy a new one, you can naturally use the "rolling stock" that uses the old one that you had stocked.

In addition, a campaign for “Natural water in the Southern Alps” for stockpiling on the official Twitter of “Suntory Natural Water” is being conducted. Why don't you take this opportunity to re-examine the disaster prevention bag?

Product name: Suntory Minami Alps for natural water storage
Capacity: 500ml PET bottle
Price: 140 yen + tax
Release date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Official site:Suntory natural water

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