Strategic partnership between NTT and Microsoft

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone [NTT] and Microsoft announced on December 10 that they have agreed to a multi-year strategic alliance aimed at providing a secure and reliable solution that promotes digital transformation for customers.


This brings together NTT's ICT infrastructure, managed services, and cyber security expertise with Microsoft's cloud platform and AI technologies such as Microsoft Azure. Cooperate in the development of digital solutions for enterprises on Microsoft Azure and the construction of “Global Digital Fabric”. The company will also work on next-generation technology co-creation.

Global Digital Fabric is a solution that combines Microsoft's cloud and NTT's global ICT infrastructure. It combines the strengths of both companies such as productivity improvement solutions, public cloud, data center and network. The company aims to build a sustainable, secure and robust digital environment in order to accelerate the digital transformation of companies around the world.

In enterprise digital solutions, Microsoft Azure has developed solutions that enable companies to implement secure operations from the edge to the cloud. It aims to realize advanced analysis of threat information, social robotics with AI-based digital assistants, digital workplace solutions, knowledge management, etc.

In next-generation technologies, the “All-Photonics Network” that processes all transfer processing with light and digitally high-level ones that exist in the real world to realize the IOWN [Innovative Optical and Wireless Network] concept proposed by NTT Based on the "Digital Twin" that reproduces accurately, we collaborate in the research and development of "Digital Twin Computing", which allows you to freely reproduce and experiment with things and human interactions in cyberspace. Through these efforts, the company will realize natural interactions between people, nature, and technology, and support the sustainable growth of society through future optical technology-based networks and information processing infrastructure.

The two companies will jointly promote technology-based projects based on NTT's efforts to realize a sustainable society and Microsoft's AI for Earth subsidy program.

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