Strike,19 years 9~5 on a year-on-year operating income 22%increase in large-scale projects from 12 to contract completion also full-year forecasts unchanged

■Sales of 3. 9%and net income increased by 25. 4% increase

Strike[6196]is 6 Months 29 days cause after 20 years, 8 months 3rd quarter cumulative[19 years 9 months~5 months]of the consolidated financial statements presented. Net sales increased 45. 9%, an increase of 50 billion yen, and operating income up 77. 6%, an increase of 21 billion yen, and net income for the 95. 4% to 16 billion yen.

【Here】Competition for M&A brokerage industry strike like revenue a reason to continue

The progress rate of sales is 79%, and operating income is 95%,the net profit is 94%and our full-year forecast of expected trends in performance growth, while the revision was not carried out.

■Large-scale projects of contracts increase the number of performance towing

Corona ominous even in the M&A market is booming see have. 3Q M&A contract number 97 built in the same period last year, of 68 pairs as compared to 42. 7%increased. In conjunction with large-scale projects[strike and 1 pair for 1 billion yen or more contracts to reward large-scale projects] is 12 pairs of contract completion period of 4 combinations have substantially increased.

Large projects are more likely to regard these small-to medium-sized SME projects, mainly as a strike, but a major shift was seen for the upcoming earnings expected to leave dressed. Corona ominous through the bankrupt companies will also increase, M&A into would and corporate management from this increase is expected because the M&A industry as this further growth is expected in the business environment say that.

■Business forecasts unchanged leading to pessimism from?

At the beginning of the forecast to achieve will likely strike, but the corona and the ominous impact of the forecast remains unchanged from the point a bit about the concern. In fact, large-scale projects is a contract which on the other hand, new projects number of companies planning more and 11 below 254 deals.

Corona self-restraint by the customer and the Advisor interviews, the situation can not be is 4 months, 5 months and lasted and this is a major factor in project completion are high risk from the so. The refrain employed by activity is also stagnant. M&A industry is human life, because the strike also securing human resources in motion for the current fiscal year of adoption is below target to prospect.

Results regarding pessimistic thinking from a conservative to see that it is not certain whether of not a little sense of crisis with. Strike is a new acquisition needs for companies to”pre marketing services”, or Web seminar, utilizing the resilient and the future trends to watch. [Article: 拓蔵・The article list to look at]

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