Strong, including upward of 5 days of lines support 24000 JPY try/Nikkei 225・today’s expected range

*07:33JST strong, including upward of 5 days of lines support to the 24,000 yen a try
[Today’s expected range]to 26 US NY Dow 105. 94 dollar 28621. 39, the NASDAQ Composite Index is 69. 51pt high of 9022. 39,Chicago Nikkei 225 futures Osaka during the day compared to 95 appreciation of the yen, 23925 yen. Today’s Nikkei average is strong, including is not expected. Yesterday candlestick is 9 business days play Yang draw a line,the closing price is upward turned to the 5 day line return to the foot phase from the top of the release it’s approaching as suggested. Today is upward of 5 days of lines support the psychological milestone of 24,000 yen to try there is a scene in it. However, the daily chart of the Ichimoku are the Tenkan-Sen and Kijun-Sen lines are flat, because of the rise in pressure is limited,the candlestick again in the shade to draw the line and if we rate the possibility of extension strong will.

[Expected range]the upper limit 24000 yen−lower 23850 yen《YN》

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