Stronger than the rich! What is the "strongest person" in modern times

◆ What is the strongest person in modern times?
What kind of person is the "strongest person" in Japan where we live? You might come up with power, money, or martial arts.

I think there are various abilities to come up with, but I think "strong mental" is the strongest. The benefits of strong mental health include:

・ If you have a strong mentality, don't worry if you are bullied at school or work.
・ I don't mind if my boss or business partner gets angry.
・ I don't mind if I refuse to do business.
-Don't worry if you don't get promoted or promoted.
-Don't worry if you don't get enough bonuses even if your savings are low.
・ I don't mind if you go online or gossip in the neighborhood.
・ I don't mind others' eyes.
・ Do not worry about what others say.
・ I don't mind what I think.
・ It's always crazy.
・ So don't worry.
・ So stress does not accumulate.
・ The mind is peaceful.
·Have fun every day…….

It may be a bit extreme, but I guess you can understand it somehow.

But that's not all.

For example, even if people around you say, "The consumption tax has risen. It's hard because you're squeezing your household!" But if you think "I don't buy that much separately," it's not a big problem anymore. You.

Or, if you think, "let's work on an individual-to-individual trading business that doesn't charge consumption tax," it would be a profit opportunity.

Even if the surroundings make a noise, "What if you fail in business?" If you think "It's natural to try and error like sports," it's not scary.

◆ The power to give up is the strength of mental health
If the problem is no longer a problem, the number of problems itself will decrease and you will not have to solve the problem. The less you worry, the less time and energy you spend on it. Then you can focus on "only really important issues".

No matter what happens, no matter what someone says or says, you can respond, you will not be swung around for the convenience of others, and if you can be innocent and young, even in this uncertain and unstable period, You can run through. "

In a world where conflict is continually disordered, such as in the Middle East, having weapons, martial arts, and strong hideouts may be important to living.

However, for those living in Japan, which is one of the world's top ruler states, the strength of mentality is rather one of the factors that determine the strength of life.

Whether you commit suicide, you can't act with a tremble, give up, feel depressed and dark, worry about relationships, do not want to go to school or work, everything is a state of mind, that is, That's what the mentality decides.

I believe that the strength of mental health is the power to throw away.

◆ Common sense and values ​​are important assets that shape life, but sometimes become liabilities
We have many things and live without throwing them away. Not only things like money, homes, cars, clothes, but also educational backgrounds, qualifications, occupations, titles, and so on.

And it's not just that visible. I have the feelings and sensations that I have cultivated in my life, such as the image and trust of others, my skills, skills, judgment, curiosity, pride, and confidence.

In addition, common sense and values ​​have been acquired over the decades.

A child should be like this, an adult should be like this, a man should be like this, a woman should be like this, a boss should be like this, a company should be like this, the government should be like this …

That is common sense. That would be obvious. Everyone does so. The world is like that. That is not allowed. Don't do it.

These are important assets that shape our life and can sometimes be debts.

However, if you can abandon feelings such as “anxiety” and “embarrassment”, you will be able to challenge various things without hesitation. If you can get rid of the feelings of jealousy and anger, you can spend peaceful and enriching days.

If you can abandon ideas such as pride in appearance and what others think, you can live at your own pace.

If you are dissatisfied with your situation, you may have something wrong.

And it's usually "thinking" or "habits". In other words, the brain, which should originally make us happy as an asset, is pulling your life as a debt.

For example, people who are worried about human relationships. That's because I can't abandon the appearance of wanting to look good, look good, and be a good person. But that can undermine your spirit.

I can't behave myself, minding the world. If you fail, you can't let go of the bad feelings, so you can't challenge. If you cannot go to a first-class school, you will not be able to abandon your feelings of being embarrassed.

I live in a brand area because I can't abandon my feelings that I'm not crazy and I want to be considered a decent person. Always buy new clothes and bags. Buy a luxury car.

I can't help but leave my eyes off others, so I go to high-end restaurants and take photos, take part in events, take photos, and upload them to Facebook to show the fullness of the rear.

But aren't you tired of living with such emotions?

◆ Some items can be obtained only by discarding
In addition, you may crush your chances with your own hands. I cling to my own way of thinking and cannot accept the values ​​of others. So I can't come up with new ideas. I do not upgrade.

I can't praise the challenge or success of others because of my pride. I can't ask the person at hand to teach. I can't walk from myself. I also feel that my values ​​are correct, as well as the feelings of being bothered and frustrated.

So I can't do it for someone different from me. People who are angry, stubborn, or have a lot of ups and downs are clinging to their own way of thinking. However, the feelings of anger are only unpleasant and enjoyable.

He has a lot of stereotypes and obsessions, and he is heavier. If you do that, you have to throw away your luggage that is negative for you.

If there are many things in the house, there is no space for new things, but if you throw away old and unusable things, there will be space for new things.

Similarly, thinking can discard old things, useless things, and things that tie themselves up, so that you can adopt new perspectives and ideas.

◆ Choose to throw away, choose to throw away
Choosing something means throwing away the other options. For example, if you want to be a professional baseball player, you will abandon the path of becoming a professional soccer player or professional basketball player.

In other words, throwing away is all about choosing something more important to you.

In life as well, how to spend 24 hours is a series of choices, that is, throwing away.

For example, if you talk to someone for one hour, you spend one hour less on doing something else. If you watch TV for an hour today, you won't be able to do anything you could have done with that hour.

The choice of what to do today, tomorrow, today is at the same time "choose what not to do". In other words, throw away other things.

Furthermore, throwing away is the act of finding something more valuable. For example, even if a proposal is made from multiple opposite sexes at the same time, all but one married will be abandoned. In other words, it is the act of trying to identify the one you really want to value.

Discarding clothes that are full in the closet is really worth it for yourself, such as clothes that you can be confident in, dating with the opposite sex, a game that you want to wear on important work situations, and relaxing room clothes. It is an act of judging things.

Other than that, what is the most valuable to me among the many uses of information, profession, personal connections and time? What values, ideas, decency, and morals do you want to value?

These choices are shaping my life. My current situation is the accumulation of what I have thrown away and what I have chosen. This means that your future will be determined by what you throw away in the future.

Reference: "Changing one by one-40 bad habits to discard" [Nippon Jitsugyo Publisher]

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