STU48 Behind the strong impact left by Minoru Kadowaki in "AKB48 Group Singing Power No.1 Decision Battle"

The final stage of “AKB48 Group Singing Power No.1 Decisive Battle” with many members who choose ballads. However, one of them, the strong man who wandered around the venue, was STU48 Minoru Kadowaki. What was the reason for choosing the difficult song of pop and habit anime song on this big stage?

── "Marchen debut! Is a song by Nana Abe, the character of the game “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”, “Usamine”. Mr. Kadowaki, who sang this song by Anison and left a strong impact, while there were many members singing ballad songs in the final singing ability No.1 final, how do you feel about it?

Kadowaki: This time, I had a feeling that “I ’ll definitely leave my nail marks”, so I feel “Good!”! Of course I wanted to go if I could go higher in the ranking, but it was my theme to leave a nail mark more than that.

──After singing, you said, “I wonder if you guys knew me.”

Kadowaki Anyway, I want to see my best “Usamine”! I am a dream to become a voice actor, so I think I was able to convey the human being, including that part.

── "Marchen debut! When did you decide to sing?

Kadowaki I decided from the beginning that I would sing when I went to the final competition. Originally, even in the first final competition, “Marchen debut! I wanted to sing. However, as a result of the family meeting, I sang “Scarlet Earth” [Seiko Matsuda] as a result of “Let's sing a song that I can listen to”. [Laughs]

──This is a song that I sang at the first STU48 audition.

Kadowaki: That's right. I was really nervous during the first tournament, but this time, “Marchen debut! Is a song that I've been singing for a long time, so I wasn't nervous, and I think I did my best!

──Do you mean Kadowaki is satisfied with the results?

Kadowaki Umm … After all I was regretful that I could not proceed to the final, and then I cried.

──Eh, the order should have been overlooked?

Kadowaki Yes. I was able to sing at such a big venue and I could leave a nail mark and I was very happy. However, I wanted to do my best, but I couldn't do my best, even though I couldn't get out of injury [thank you Yano], and thank the fans who had a fan of my name At the same time, the feeling of "I'm sorry" came out … I'm sure I knew I could never go to the final. Still, I was regrettable.

── I see. By the way, what did you plan to sing when you win?

Kadowaki, I was thinking of singing “Genesis of Aquarion”.

──You were planning to attack with anison until the end.

Kadowaki: Yes, I love it! Even if you usually go to karaoke, Anison will sing!

──For example, what kind of song do you sing?

Kadowaki has often sang “Cruel Angel's Thesis”, “Soul Lefranc”, and LiSA ’s “Red Lotus”. And “Marchen debut! I will also sing songs from the “Idol Master” series. There was an interesting song called “Minna no Kimochi”, and when I sang it before, Miimi [Minami Ishida] praised me as “cute!”

── Well, “Marchen debut! Please tell us about your encounter with.

Kadowaki Was it about 1st or 2nd grade in junior high school? I've been doing this game so much that there was a fairy tale debut! I was shocked and said, “I ’m so bad!” ”I love songs, and the character of Nana Abe who is singing is dark! [Laughs] You say “Eternal 17-year-old” or your hobby is “Communicating with Usamin star”.

── Speaking of similarity, Mr. Kadowaki had a rabbit rucksack, right? I thought that was the same point as Nana Abe.

Kadowaki: That is exactly the influence of Nana Abe!ウ I was carrying a rabbit backpack under the influence of Usamin.

──That was right! However, “Marchen debut! I think it's a difficult song to sing.

Kadowaki is difficult! It was difficult to take the pitch, it was difficult to breathe, and the production was very difficult! Also, the band who performed live performance also said, “Marchen debut! You said that you had the most trouble this time.

── By the way, Kadowaki-san advanced the piece to the final tournament twice in a row, but did you learn to sing since you were a child?

Kadowaki No. I liked singing, but all I learned was dance. So when I first entered STU48, I was confident in dancing, but I wasn't particular about the song. That was the first singing ability No.1 decisive battle, so I started thinking that it might be a talent for singing! From there I started going to Boytre.

──Because of the first meeting, you started to focus on songs. Is Boyle going well?

Kadowaki struggling … Vibrato and other details are not good and I always have my head. But I want to improve my song. We are trained not only at Boytre but also at “GO! GO! Little SEABIRDS !!” [STU48].

──Oh! You are aiming at the next time.

Kadowaki Yes! This time, I felt very regrettable, so the next place is No.1 … No, No.1, but … [bitter smile]. But I want to advance to the final! The next goal is to enter the final 8 and appear in the finalist LIVE!

▽ Yuna Kadowaki [Miyuna Kadowaki]Born on March 11, 2003, from Hyogo Prefecture. O type. The first generation of STU48. The nickname is “Miyu Miyu”.

[Interview / Written by Yutaka Saito]
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