Student study abroad,3 people to 1 person is job hunting in favor of language skills other than got? Study master survey

A student’s study abroad experience obtained in what? Study abroad students interested in, the experience of the senior real intention to want to hear would be. Study abroad information website”study master”that manages the network 19 and 25 years old to 34-year-old student on a study abroad experience men and women in the 400 person survey results announced.

[Thiscourse】High school students study from the”lift-off! Study abroad JAPAN”why you should use the

Study in Canada study abroad experts・lasting Shinichi’s supervision is carried out by the Survey, field study, lead-time and costs from the employment impact is diverse. This is a study abroad experience through these job search and relationship Take want.

■3 people 2 people”skills improved”and answers

“The study abroad experience through got there?” Question[multiple answers allowed]answer is,”language skills improved”the most 66. 5%. The relevant skill is”communication skills or”with answers 243 people [60.8%]was.

This survey study of the types of 3 months of less than short-term language study are 152 people in 4 percent[38%]accounted for. Other types of study including period of study, even 3 less than a month of study abroad is over 6% [or 244 people, 61%].

This sort of thing from when I was a student of the study is 3 months less than in the short term, the improvement of the linguistic ability is expected and such.

■2 people 1 person to myself and to the power and feel

From this survey, from the study abroad experience through those language skills is not the only this week. “A wider field of view was[53.5%]”,”action one[50.3%]”,”network spread [48%]”,”have confidence in yourself and your[43.3%]”and the answer is nearly half of that.

Study abroad through yourself plus your power and feel good. This is about the results of the supervision of many years, Mr.”In Our Lives facing the trouble on their own can be solved,humanly grow larger, the confidence in yourself to have”and explained that.

■3 Person 1 person study abroad experience in job-hunting can benefit from your

Study abroad experience in job hunting advantageous whether is something that worries people. This survey”student study abroad experiences to employment can benefit from some”how to answer the question it is[multiple answers allowed].

To this question the whole of the 36. 8%is”study abroad experience to appeal to companies and employment are favorable,”according to answers. From”language to appeal to companies this job is advantageous for”with the answer also 28. 3% on the back. Study abroad experience of at least 3 people to 1 person, the study is employability and is concerned.

On the other hand”the experience of studying abroad is job-hunting in the appeal did not [27.5%]”,”international experience and language is a job in favor of my feeling is not[15.5%]”and the answer was. Supervision for many years to come,”said the planning stage, from study abroad to their career in such a position that I think it is important,”he said.

Job hunting’s appeal, the requirements your company needs with a focus on temporary. This for study abroad and meeting people is a life-changing experience. Short-term study abroad and cultural exchange programs if Graduation is delayed to a lot of people didn’t like it. Students between the challenge value there is great.

Under the supervision of many years said,”living abroad of the Overseas Friends of,I haven’t been much easier,”he said. [Article: Berlin・report・The article list to look at]

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