Students with better ability to understand and control others' emotions perform better


Students with better ability to understand and control others' emotions perform better

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According to previous studies, the factors that affect student performance are not only their intellect,Teacher stereotypesAndFamily economic situation,Sleep cycleI know that there are many things.American Psychological AssociationA new study found that students with better ability to control their own emotions and understand others' emotions performed better at school. "

Emotional intelligence predicts academic performance: A meta-analysis.- PubMed-NCBI

Students Do Better in School When They Can Understand, Manage Emotions

An intelligence that understands the feelings of oneself and others and controls one's feelings.Emotional intelligence (mind intelligence)". In recent years, emotional intelligence has spread around the world as a new indicator of human ability, but it was a relatively new concept in the 1990s when it was treated as an academic discipline.

University of SydneyCarolyn MacCannHis research team conducted a meta-analysis of more than 160 studies published between 1998 and 2019 to investigate the link between emotional intelligence and academic success. The studies analyzed were from 27 countries worldwide, with 76% from English-speaking countries. The number of students surveyed in each study was over 42,000, and students of all ages, from elementary school students to college students, were analyzed.

Analysis revealed that students with higher emotional intelligence tended to achieve higher grades and test scores than students with lower emotional intelligence. This tendency was significant even considering individual intelligence and personality traits, and was confirmed regardless of the age of the student. “ While we knew that high intelligence and personality traits were the most important factors for academic success, MacCann noted, our research emphasized the third element of emotional intelligence that is relevant to student success. Yes. "

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MacCann noted that emotional intelligence could be related to academic success in several ways. For example, students with high emotional intelligence and good control of their own emotions can properly manage negative emotions, such as anxiety, boredom, and disappointment, which can adversely affect their academic performance, and psychological problems hinder their academic performance. It may be difficult. Students with high emotional intellect can also help improve their academic performance by making it easier to build good relationships with teachers and parents who teach studying, and with classmates who study together.

In addition, emotional intelligence is thought to affect not only the indirect factors involved in schooling, but in some cases also directly help schooling. For example, in certain subjects such as history and language, the ability to understand human behavioral principles and emotions may be advantageous, and students with high emotional intelligence tend to perform well in these subjects.

MacCann pointed out that students with low emotional intelligence tend to have poor ability to read human emotions, have poor historical and national performance, and may not be able to maintain good relationships. Negative spiral saying that if the stress that human relationships do not work accumulates, students with low emotional intelligence can not cope well with stress and their grades may decrease even in subjects they were good at until now MacCann says there is a concern that this will happen.

Because enhancing emotional intelligence is also beneficial for the entire school, MacCann may be important for teachers to work with teachers to incorporate training to enhance students' emotional intelligence related skills and to increase classroom-wide emotional intelligence. Insisted.

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