Stylish bumperless style S30Z produced by Star Road 1

The image of “old car = difficult to ride” is attached.
However, the charm of the old car remains the same, and the S30Z that combines performance and comfort in line with modern car circumstances has appeared.

That is the one that Star Road made.

The stylish bumper-less style further enhances the exotic appeal.

With the motto “Old car you can ride with peace of mind”, Star Road produces an old car that combines the performance and comfort of a new car with the original goodness. We have worked on a number of S30Zs so far, but we were not satisfied with the US grill, and we decided to work on a bumper-less style with the production of the original grill.

In the production of the original grill, trial production was repeated many times with aluminum or stainless steel square pipes, but the result was not satisfactory. Therefore, "U" -shaped members are made from stainless steel plates and combined. In addition, the angle of the “ku” shape with a sharp central part, and the angle at which the bonnet and the lower part of the grill are slanted is the point. If the angle is a little different, it will become dull.

He said that he found the best angle of S30Z through trial production many times.

Despite being semi-restored, the body of red pearl has been finished to perfect proportions, and is the center of attention.

A carbon overfender with the same shape as the 240ZG is attached to the front and back to make it wider.

The discerning big grill is made at an exquisite angle without any gaps under the bumper.
The 10-level bar was made from a stainless steel plate in a “U” shape.
The bumperless body dent is integrated with the side cover. More details will be boiled down in the future.

Posted: Nostalgic Speed ​​July 2013, Vol.001 [All information in this article is current at the time of publication]
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