Stylish bumperless style S30Z produced by Star Road 2

A genuine bumper is not required to appeal the coolness of the original grill that leads from the hood to the bottom.
Therefore, in order to make the bumper-less style of S30Z that no one has done, we have created the original front spoiler and side covers that hide the dents on both sides of the body.

However, it is not perfect yet, and it will be finished in a bumperless style with a sense of unity.

¡The body itself is not a full restore, but a semi-restore specification that holds key points.
The high cost performance is attractive, and the S30Z's key points are well-maintained, so it is a satisfactory level for town riding.

Bumper-less style and red pearl body match exquisitely. The reason for not attaching a rear spoiler is to consider the overall balance.

The wheel is equipped with Equip 03 of black anodized trim.

The over fender has the same shape as 240ZG and is made of carbon.

The muffler is equipped with Kameari Engine Works' φ80mm single stainless muffler, but a muffler that can be installed even at low vehicle height is currently under development.

Posted: Nostalgic Speed ​​July 2013, Vol.001 [All information in this article is current at the time of publication]
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