Subaru,in the next 10 years of technology guidelines announced electrification and fatal accidents (2/2)

●3. In the 2030s “in the first half of the production and sale for all Subaru cars to electric technologies”

Subaru of BEV development for Toyota and have done that. All-solid-state battery, such as developing battery technology to the Soviet Union, the BEV development is also progressing well and the visible.

【Here】Subaru,in the next 10 years of technology guidelines announced electrification and fatal accidents (1/2)

For the time being, Toyota’s THS use 1. 8 liter turbo engine is being developed, as this is the lean burn technology of engines, you like. Toyota THS is the transverse engine / FWD layout is being developed, this Subaru boxer 4-cylinder, vertical, in THS system is also vertical as the AWD arrangement as that.

Coupling mechanism built-in, AWD mechanism utilizing the driving force during deceleration the front,when cornering, the rising time is 50:50 equally allocated to the pilot performance raising. This is how Subaru’s uniqueness by utilizing electric vehicles to build up a global brand to survive and seems to have.

●Subaru Global Platform(SGP)the development of

Currently Subaru, the Levorg except the main model is the SGP that have moved. The platform rigidity is increased,suspension settings increase flexibility for irregular movement to stop the maneuver, the performance would be.

However, the main purpose Subaru all models of platforms to production lines in the same model handling, and”mixed production”possible situation. In this chain, the quality of maintenance production facilities all in place, the Subaru’s all models in the world selling in the area swing production, and car sales of the variation to absorb,”production leveling”can be.

It is a fixed cost, lowering profit margins, raising dividends, increasing investment efficiency can be raised. That is,”SGP funds to increase the efficiency”for the purposes of just.

Toyota・TNGA,Mazda Sky active, such as movements as well as funds to increase the efficiency objectives in the automotive technology General update at the same time have done for the automobile journalist for the misunderstanding in most cases.

Hopefully, the”car”selection criteria in this manufacturer of cost management as a background as. Knowledge intensive industry said that the automotive industry,”Finance efficiency”given the business activities do not understand the mass production automobile as a rating is under not think. This point is also taken up. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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