Succeeded in developing a “perfect solar energy absorber” using technology to process metal so that it “floats in water”


Succeeded in developing a “perfect solar energy absorber” using technology to process metal so that it “floats in water”

By processing the metal surface with a laser,Perfect solar energy absorberResearchers have succeeded in creating By using this, it is possible to create a more ideal solar power generation system.

Lasers etch a ‘perfect’ solar energy absorber: NewsCenter

Rochester UniversityInspired by the ability of spiders and ants to float on water, has developed "metal floating on water". Metals floating in water have increased laser intensity by oscillating with a very short pulse widthFemtosecond laserBy using, it is strong on metal surfaceHydrophobic(Superhydrophobicity).

“ Sinking and floating metal '' inspired by fire ants and spiders is developed-gigazine

Using the same femtosecond laser processing technology used to process “ metal floating in water '', a research team at the University of Rochester will develop a component to generate a highly efficient solar power generation system I am successful. The research was led by the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester to study the interaction of femtosecond laser with matterChunlei GuoProfessor.

About the "perfect component for solar power generation" developed by the research team, you can see well by looking at the following movie.

Soaking up the sun with laser treated metal-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

Over the past few years, Prof. Guo's lab at the University of Rochester has been working to add superhydrophilic and superhydrophobic properties to metals using femtosecond lasers.

The result is a metal that floats in water, which is made of a metal with super-hydrophobic properties. When you drop a drop of water on "metal floating on water", the drop bounces off the surface.

Similarly, the research team is challenging to dramatically increase the sunlight absorption rate by turning the metal surface black with a femtosecond laser.

However, just turning the metal surface blackSolar spectrumOther wavelengths are radiated as heat.

To solve this problem, Guo's lab has developed a selective absorber that has the property of "absorbing the solar spectrum and hardly losing heat at other wavelengths".

In the case of ordinary metal pieces, most of the light is reflected on the surface, but …

When the surface of a metal is properly processed with a femtosecond laser, the necessary energy can be absorbed without any reflection as shown below.

Selective absorber developed by the research teamThermoelectric generationWhen installed in a device, the power generation efficiency increases by 130% compared to normal. Also, the selective absorber is 15% wider than the metal whose surface is just blackenedSpectrumIt can be absorbed.

Selective absorbers optimize the collection of solar and thermal energy by capturing heat at a given wavelength while minimizing heat loss.

"Once we've created a virtually perfect metal selective absorber for the first time," Guo said in a statement.

The research team succeeded in processing metals such as aluminum, copper, steel and tungsten with a femtosecond laser to make them selective absorbers. Among them, tungsten, which is generally used as a heat absorbing material, has the highest solar absorption efficiency.

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