Successful bid at three times the expected! What is one of the most attractive vipers in the world?

One, which Bonhams calls "the world's most attractive daddy viper," was sold for £ 218,476, about three times the estimated winning bid.

The 1962 Daddy Viper RT / 10 is not only the first car to be taken off the line, but it also travels 6500 miles and is a valuable one-owner. And one owner has the history that it was Lee Iacocca who once served as President of Ford when Mustang appeared. At the time, one major project, realized by Bob Lutz, who had transferred from Ford, was announced as a rival to the popular Corvette. One of the legends is that Carroll Shelby was involved in the development.

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The power of 400bhp was derived from the 8-liter V10 engine, and the gearbox was a 6-speed manual. The chassis number 001 exhibited at the auction this time was kept in the private collection of Iacocca and was not open to the public since the line was taken off the line. Iacocca died in 2019 and is now on sale. It created a new concept of a sports car, and it is likely that the auction result like this time attracted attention from collectors as an important one in the American automobile history.

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