Suddenly! I tried wild super beef hamburger steak (500g) at the steak affiliate "Steak Kuni" !!

Everyone who has read my article [Sato] will surely think so. "Sato, you're all eating steaks." There is no way to do that. Because "Suddenly! All-you-can-eat steak store limited,OnceNotTwiceChallenge“ Steak Max ''And"Steak Ken"Because they are going to eat steaks.

But! I am a bit different today!ろ う Let's show you not just the steak!い き Suddenly! At the steak affiliated store "Steak Kuni",I ate 500 grams of “ Wild Super Beef Hamburger '' !!

・ Steak has a history

Steak Kiku, operated by Pepper Food Service, has five stores, mainly in Kanto. Before,Akasaka branch is the closest to the city centerThis time, I visited a Ryogoku store opened in 1987. Given that suddenly was born in 2013, it has been around for a long time.

By the way, the Ryogoku store, as the name suggests, is a 3-minute walk from JR Ryogoku Station. The second floor of the building in front of Ryogoku Kokugikan. When this site is being held, customers will surely come to the store constantly. This is a very well-located store.

Looking at the sign in front of the store, the word "Wild" that suddenly permeated suddenly became stingy. Yeah, suddenly quality of peace of mind.Steak is good, but it's not you, wild steak that you have for today. I decided to eat steak today!

・ "Before the steak …"

So what do we eat? This is what I say today! It is a wild super beef hamburger. When I hear the word "super", I feel "Oh!"That's because I'm a Showa-exposed and an old-aged Elderly-Ossan.

If you look closely at the menu,"Before the steak … with wine …"a. With wine, well, I don't know.Eat 500 grams of hamburger before steak?は It's not edible, but 500 grams before the steak. Ummm …

I ordered a 500g hamburger [1890 yen by tax] and a salad set [350 yen by tax]. For the sauce, I chose Demigrass sauce. And salad first appeared. Suddenly, you can have a good feeling about the place on the plate.

Then, a garnish that should be on an iron plate came out. Apparently, the hamburger is too big to be put on the iron plate together. I forgot to change my garnish to broccoli.

The long-awaited hamburger is here!

Oh! It's super, this is super !!

It's a little different than the 300 gram wild hamburger I ate before.

This seems quite worthwhile. As an aside, if you want to eat a lot of hamburgers from affiliated stores, there is one tip. that isBake well on an iron plateThing. Then the fat falls and it becomes easier to eat. It's a good idea to remember it because the staff of the Akebonobashi store suddenly told me.

As soon as I cut it, the gravy from inside was stiff … It would be best to eat with a little lean inside. At first we will have it as it is. Steak is naturally the best way to eat meat, but hamburgers are not bad either. Hamburgers may be better at cooking than steaks to bring out the taste of meat.

If you eat as it is and feel the rough taste of the meat, in the future you will need to put on a demiglace sauce.

By applying the sauce, umami and richness are added, and the "gear" of deliciousness seems to have been raised one or two levels. Umm, good!I cried of course, "Humbar !!!!". … in my heart.

If you want to eat a super hamburger that transcends the wild, be sure to visit both countries. Suddenly! You may get a glimpse of the roots of pepper food service leading to steaks.

・ Information on stores visited this time

Store nameSteak Ryogoku store
Street address1-21-2-16 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
business hours11: 00-23: 30
Regular holidayNone

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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