"Suddenly! Steak]President Ichinose's urgent message again! It seems that he has been scolded for "Wild steak is hard", so I went to eat!

The steak pioneer "Ikinari! Steak" is in a tough spot. It is said that not only the struggle in the United States but also 10% of domestic stores are expected to close. At one point, the store was expanding with the momentum of dropping flying birds, but customer churn has not stopped. In December 2019, Shibuya Center Street store in TokyoUrgent message from President Ichinose [Pepper Food Service]Was pasted out.

I heard rumors that the emergency president's message had been updated recently. When I actually go,A scolding voice is sent to the wild steak of the signboard productThat. There is an opinion that it is hard, and there is a word of apology for that. Is it really hard? …… I was really worried, so I actually tried it!

・ Words on the December poster

The president's message posted last December is as follows.

"This is a request from the president. All employees will be greeted with a smile following their cheerfulness. Suddenly, the steak has invented and prospered the food culture where you can easily enjoy the cheapest beef steak in Japan. Now, with the rapid expansion of stores, steaks can be eaten anytime, anywhere.

However, customer visits are decreasing. If you do this, you will close stores nearby. All the employees are doing their best cheerfully and cheerfully. Shops are now available in almost all stores in response to your wishes. Quantification of the menu 150g You can order from 200g and you can also select order cut.A request from founder Kunio Ichinose. We look forward to your visit. "

To state the status of this message in one word,

Peaches !!!!

・ Latest President Message

About a month after that, did the president's earnest desire reach many?と こ ろ I'm worried about the trends of customers, but I noticed that the emergency president's message was different. In other words, it has been upgraded! The contents are as follows.

"To all of you from Ichinose [President]: Last December, we posted a request for determination at the store, and it was featured on a large number of TV SNSs, and we were surprised at the size of the response. I received a lot of opinions, but I received many words of encouragement and encouragement. "

"The most popular steak is wild steak, but I was sometimes scolded for being hard. When a new customer eats a hard steak, not only will he never come again, but a bad mouthwash will ruin the store. I'm sorry. We will try our best to make the most popular steaks soft and delicious. I am deeply remorseful. ''

Hmmm … but the request for determination has attracted attention, but you will hear a scolding voice. Well, if you think that potential dissatisfaction has appeared, will it help improve quality? I don't know, but let's eat for now. Wild steak and something.

・ Eat wild steak

Wild steak is the standard of “Suddenly Steak”. It is also listed at the top of the lunch menu. This time, I ordered 300 grams of this without rice [100 yen discount]. The fee is 1290 yen excluding tax.

First came the soup and salad. The salad is kept in the refrigerator. I felt every time I came, but this salad …

I'll cool down to Kinkin!し い I'm a little happy in the summer season, but quite a bit in the winter …

Flatten the salad and wait for a while, a thick steak on a hot iron plate!テ ン The tension rises to the sound of jute. After all it's meat. Limited to meat!

Sprinkle the steak sauce on the hot iron plate to make it even more juicy !!Hyahoo! Festival!え Don't worry at all if the oil jumps, enjoy the joy of eating meat!

By the way, the meat is suddenly styled to be served in medium rare. Therefore, the meat is cut out of the grilled surface. The fire isn't burned to the inside, so you can make it to your liking with a hot iron plate.

Bake on an iron plate to leave some of the lean. Of course, if you overcook it, it hardens, so it's best to bake it moderately.

Is meat really hard?思 う I don't think it's too hard. Rather, I understand that it eats more than quality, so I'm not dissatisfied. The price is neither cheap nor expensive, come quickly and eat meat quickly. Isn't that suddenly a steak? After all, I feel no complaints.

・ Meat eaten with human money

There is another reason for my dissatisfaction. It is our editorial department P.K.Sanjung,Since I got a meat money card, the amount I paid out of this account [1419 yen including tax] was 366 yenBecause it was.After all meat eaten with human money is delicious!It's totally strange because it feels delicious regardless of meat quality.

Indeed, as a senior, I can't just be happy to eat meat with my junior money. Furthermore,Since January 10 was his birthday, I decided to buy meat money [5000 yen] in return and give it as a gift.

Sato“Sanjung, happy birthday. This is my feeling.”

Sanjung"A, Azais"

The face is not laughing, but the heart is laughing. P.K..Sanjung is such a man.

P.K.Sanjung. happy Birthday!に し て Keep up for a good year, PK Sanjung. A man who told me the joy of eating meat with human money, P.K. Congrats,And thank you !! Thank you, P.K.Sanjung!

~ Owari ~

・ Information on stores visited this time

Store nameSuddenly! Steak Shibuya Center-gai
Street address3333-13 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Kusuhara Building 1F
business hours11: 00-23: 00
Regular holidayNone


Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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