SUITS / Suit 2: Yuko Shinki, Anne Nakamura, Shinya Kote, Honami Suzuki …

In the sequel to "SUITS / Suits", which was broadcast on Fuji TV series "Month 9" [Monday 9:00 pm] in the fiscal year ending October 2018, starring actor Yuji Oda, "SUITS / In Suit 2, it was revealed on February 24 that Yuko Shinki, Anne Nakamura, Shinya Kote and Honami Suzuki who appeared in the previous work will continue to perform regularly. The four are playing characters from "Yukimura & Uesugi Law Office", which is the stage of the story, and the main visual of the members of "Yukimura & Uesugi Law Office" was also released. In addition, four comments from Mr. Shinki were announced.

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