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Summary of yesterday's news in 5 minutes: "PayPay 40% reduction" attracted attention on January 17-Engadget Japanese version

Engadget is a Japanese version that publishes dozens of articles every day, but there are voices saying "Which is the focus after all?" "The important news will be buried". That's why I will pick up and deliver the topics that attracted attention yesterday. With that in mind, you'll never miss a topic anymore !? Here's the news that was excited on January 17th.

PayPay will carry out a 40% return campaign in food chains nationwide. The period is from February 1 to 29. (Continued)


au cuts the “au Data MAX Plan Pro”, which has no upper limit on the monthly data capacity used on smartphones, by 1500 yen per month. In addition, the communication limit when using tethering, data sharing and international roaming will be increased from 20GB to 30GB.(Continued)

Oculus Go

Facebook has reduced the price of Oculus Go, a standalone VR headset that does not require a PC. The new prices in Japan are 19,300 yen for 32GB and 25,700 yen for 64GB, which are 4,500 yen and 4,100 yen respectively. According to Facebook, price reductions are being made in all countries and all channels where Oculus Go is available, and Amazon has the price after the price reduction.(Continued)


The next flagship model iPhone 12 (provisional) series that is expected to appear this fall. Analyst predictions have been reported that those Face ID systems will be "updated" and that the Lightning port will be eliminated from at least one of the following 2021 models.(Continued)


TechCrunch Tokyo 2019 will be held on November 14 and 15


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