Sunbathing NG @ 44,000 yen fine for going out / France

I often see TV explaining "correct mask usage" recently. It is not so established and many people use it incorrectly.

First of all, France is a country without masks. There is an image of a seriously ill person wearing a mask, and there is no awareness of being a mask for prevention, so when you are wearing a mask you may be seen with strange eyes, laughed, or warned Was. But now many people wear masks. In supermarkets and markets, there are quite a few people wearing gloves when shopping.

However, while media reports that the infections in Japan and South Korea have been suppressed "because they always wear masks," the government said, "If you are not sick, you do not need to wear masks. Donate to medical institutions and pharmacies. "

A few days after the restriction on going out was March 17, some people went to rural areas on a vacation mood, but now it is fine to have no written self-reported reasons for going out [shopping, walking dogs, etc.]. Is taken. Initially it was 38 euros [about 4560 yen], but then it will be 135 euros [about 16200 yen], from April 24 re-offenders will be 1500 euros [about 180,000 yen], 3700 if violated four times a month The euro [about 444,000 yen] has also been imposed. Sunbathing on the bench is also prohibited.

The French Marche was closed from the 23rd, except in regions with no other stores. Supermarkets have a limited number of admissions and always line up outside at 1-meter intervals. The time to line up is also longer. In some stores, clerks wear masks and gloves, and the part facing the customer is separated by glass. Alcohol disinfectants and disinfecting sheets are sold out, and toilet paper is in short supply as in Japan.

The professional soccer league is, of course, suspended. Players continue training at home under the direction of the club. A temporary unemployed athlete will receive a regular 70% monthly salary from the club according to the law, according to the Requip 24th, and will eventually receive a 84% refund from the state. [Aika Matsumoto, correspondent]

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