Sunscreen to protect against Olympic heat, signed by Japan Tennis Association

Measures against heat from inside and outside! The Japan Tennis Association held a conference on the 21st in Tokyo and announced a contract with a major chemical manufacturer, Kao, as the first in the sponsorship system of the association. Kao's sun care brand "Biore UV" will be the official sunscreen of the association.

The association has been taking measures against the heat since last year in anticipation of the Tokyo Olympics [the Olympics]. In particular, in terms of how to prevent the body temperature from rising deep inside the body, the team repeatedly conducts experiments in collaboration with the National Sports Science Center on a court that exceeds 35 ° C in midsummer, and is at the forefront of each competition.

The contract is to prevent heat from the body surface, not from inside the body. Toshihisa Dobashi, Chief of the Enhancement Head of the association, said, "It will be a global hot weather measure both inside and outside. I want to get good results. "

Products have already been distributed to top players, and the tournament is hosted by the association, such as the October International Tournament and the Rakuten Japan Open [Ariake Tennis Park]. There will be product experiences and workshops.

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