"Suntory Natural Water Clear Water Tea" is a wonderful product of water and green tea.


"Suntory Natural Water Clear Water Tea" is a wonderful product of water and green tea.

From the Suntory natural water brand, the concept of “Good water and tea!”Suntory natural water clears]Appeared on Tuesday, February 25, 2020. By using watered tea leaves, it is said that it is finished as “tea that can be easily drunk like water”, so I tried actually drinking to see how easy it is to drink green tea characteristic of bitterness.

Suntory Natural Water Clear Water Tea Product Information (calories and raw materials) Suntory

Suntory natural water A clear tea bottle looks like this. The capacity is appealing with 600ml.

Raw materials are natural mineral water, green tea (domestic), fragrance, vitamin C, yeast extract.

Suntory's green tea brandIemonUsed in KyotoFukujuenIt is said that tea leaves carefully selected in Japan are used. Calories are described as 0kcal per 100ml.

To check the color of the contents directly, I poured it into a transparent glass.

If you look through the glass against a white wall, you can see that the contents are clear and yellowish green without any haze.

When you drink it at once, it has a gentle taste that even people who are not good at the bitterness and astringency of tea can drink, and it has a refreshing taste just because it bears the "Suntory Natural Water" brand. The bitterness unique to green tea is firmly suppressed, but the subtle sweetness of green tea spreads well in the mouth. Impression that the aftertaste is also refreshing, and the elegant aroma of green tea passes through the nose after drinking. I felt that "Suntory Natural Water Clear Water Tea" was indeed a green tea that could be drunk very much.

"Suntory Natural Water Clear Tea" can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from February 26, 2020. Suggested retail price is 131 yen excluding tax. Also, at the time of writing the article, 24 pieces are handled at 2457 yen including tax at

Amazon | Suntory Natural Water Clear Water Tea Green Tea 600ml × 24 bottles | Natural Water |

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