Suntory vending machine becomes the first Kaifu spot in Dorakue Walk

Suntory Foods International announced on January 27 that it will start collaboration with Square Enix's smartphone-based location-based role-playing game "Dragon Quest Walk".


と し て As the first project of the collaboration project, approximately 14,000 vending machines from around the country will appear in the game as “Kaifu Spot” of Dragon Quest Walk. Also, depending on the number of times the corresponding spot is touched, a mission to obtain gems and collaboration limited accessories will be held. Future collaboration plans will be announced at any time in the future.


At the same time, if you purchase products at the target vending machines, a campaign to win original collaboration QUO cards etc. will be implemented from 9:00 on January 27 to 23:59 on March 31. In addition, collaboration advertisements will be posted as traffic advertisements.

The company plans to offer new ways to enjoy vending machines by conducting various projects of the collaboration.

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