Suntory, wine recycling PET bottles to recycled PET resin use

Suntory wine international is 21 days, some of the wine used in the PET bottle to sequentially light to change to and announced. Subject, the domestic casual wine used in 720ml bottles. In order to reduce the environmental loads of initiatives as part of the newly introduced recycled PET bottles recycled PET resin as a raw material.

【Here】Coca-Cola and the world’s first complete recycling PET bottle recycling introduction

“Antioxidants and no additives of delicious wine.” And”delicatessen Maison”such as product used,the label is a light that represents your own mark”PET to PET”is described. Recycling of PET bottles introduced in 2020, from around the summer as planned.

Suntory Group has a sustainable society towards the”plastic policy”was formulated,this time of the initiatives of this policy along with that. “Plastic policy”, the goods used for PET bottle materials by 2030, all fossil-derived raw materials from recycled materials and plant-derived materials to switch to, and plastic usage, reduction of the container to change the design, such as was equipped to.

The group corporate philosophy of”resonating with people and nature”, based on a recycling-oriented society and low carbon society to achieve that aim. Environmental issues of interest to the worldwide increase in consumer awareness to jump on the bandwagon with initiatives as expected.

In Japan, the wine market began to wane and, in Suntory wine international is a relatively strong performance, we remain,in 2019, the year-on-year sales records. In life feel free to enjoy a glass of wine this event is the Japanese casual wine category is popular.

Further expansion of the market, aiming at the existing product renewal and new product launches such as the aggressive strategy worked out. 2 on the World, 5 countries from carefully selected grapes using the”5 Section tray Malesherbes”also plans to release in addition to global attention, high-quality organic wines and high quality Japanese wine, such as other category of wine also.

As a group sustainability management promotion and consumer appeal, while wine’s share to expand. [Article: million Shima from・The article list to look at]

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