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Super fast even with Wi-Fi 5. MR9000X 3-band gaming router from Belkin-Engadget Japan

Belkin announced the MAX-STREAM AC3000 MR9000X Tri-band Wi-Fi 5 Mesh Gaming Router, a Linksys brand gaming router on July 9th. Scheduled to be released on July 22, the price is 21,980 yen excluding tax. We will also offer a discount reservation campaign, which will be 10% off if you pre-book by 23:59 on July 21st.

MR9000X is a high-speed model with a tri-band (1733 + 863 + 400 Mbps) specification, which has a theoretical maximum speed of about 3000 Mbps. It doesn't support Wi-Fi 6 (as in the model name), but it can connect to more than 25 devices using MU-MIMO technology.

▲ The wired port, which concerns gamers who need more stable communication, also has Gigabit WAN × 1 and Gigabit LAN × 4
▲It also supports mesh Wi-Fi, so you can expand the communication area according to your living environment.
▲Comparison with routers made by other companies announced at the online presentation
▲ There is a theoretical difference in speed of about 100 Mbps (this model is advantageous), but this model achieves 839 Mbps compared to 636 Mbps made by other companies
▲ There is a big and glaring image when it comes to Wi-Fi routers for gaming models, but MR9000X has a simple design with a width of 258 mm and a sense of size that does not take up much space.
▲MR9000X spec table. It is not compatible with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
▲ At the end of the presentation, the product development in the second half of 2020 was also announced. 4 products with blurring are planned to appear. Entry will start at the end of the year with specifications that are close to the middle-class with low price.

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