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Kappa SushiAt "Today's 3rd Super 100 Yen Sushi" will be held today from August 21st (Friday).

Third Super Founding Festival!! "Super 100 Yen Sushi" to be held from today!

From Friday, August 21st, "Super 100 yen sushi" will start as the third of the first Kappa Sushi founding festival.

"Deca-cut Minami Tuna Sashimi" and "Deca-chopped salmon" that are served in large pieces, "Donmori pork pastrami" and "Donori Hokkaido cod roe potatoes" that are overflowing from the rice, and crab bites that stick out from the plate We have products with a sense of volume such as "Big Volume Crab Kamaten" on which the heavens ride. The even more popular red shrimp is the "Super Double Aka shrimp", which is available for 100 yen (+tax) for two!

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