Superb SP311 Fairlady and S130Z also participated. 8th DSCC All Japan Fairlady Meeting 2019 3

80's Fairlady Z 2000ZT / Hikoji Maki [Aichi Prefecture]S130ZT is the best owner car without rust. He says that he does all the maintenance except for the inspection and is always loving.

The ride is over 150,000 km, but the condition is still in good condition.

67 model Fairlady 2000 / Inaba competition [Shizuoka]The modification to ride comfortably in modern times is OKA owner Inaba. The brakes run with endless calipers, the shock runs with Bilstein, and the affected parts are equipped with modern luxury parts.

'67 Fairlady 1600 / Masaharu Takagi [Shizuoka Prefecture]The specification of normal normality that kept the same condition after getting it. After all, it looks good in condition, and there is no blurring in the actual running comfort. It is the best SP311.

Nostalgic Hero Vol.196 Nostalgic Hero December 2019 Issue [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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