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Supervised by Dr. Denjiro Yonemura! "Kakuku Asobi ONLINE", a service for kindergartens and nursery schools where you can enjoy learning science such as "air cannons" and "mysterious soap bubbles"


As Communications will start the “Kaku Asobi ONLINE” service for children under the supervision of Dr. Denjiro Yonemura from Monday, June 1, 2020.

This service is for kindergartens, nursery schools, and certified children's schools.You can rent a DVD (or online video) based on experiments that have been particularly popular in the past and dedicated experimental equipment as a set, Communicate the fun. The first is "air cannon" and "soap bubble".

"Kaku Asobi Online" is a science experiment teaching material that nurtures children's "Waku Waku-anticipation", "Dokidoki-Expectation-" "Surprise-Surprise-" "I see-Curious-". The purpose is to nurture children's intellectual curiosity by wondering "why?" In everyday life, observing by moving their hands, and learning through trial and error.

The "pneumatic gun" is an experiment where you can experience the power of air by hitting the box and the air pops out more than you expected, despite the simple structure of the cardboard with holes. In "Soap bubbles," which everyone loves, we actually make soap bubbles, make frames with straws and aluminum foil, play with various ways to fly, and put soap bubbles on a three-dimensional frame to study strange shapes.

Both are equipped with a detailed explanation DVD (or online video) by the Denjiro teacher and the Denjiro family, so education can be introduced with confidence. In the future, we plan to release a lot of content that will be fun to learn, such as "Beta Rin" for playing slimes and "Tube Rocket" for flying rockets.

■ Product overview
Name: "Kaku Asobi ONLINE"
Contents: Laboratory equipment rental fee, round-trip shipping fee, free charge for failure
DVD rental fee (or online video content fee)
Price: 18,000 yen (excluding tax) ~ * Each individual take-away teaching material is 500 yen (excluding tax) ~
* Price changes depending on the number of uses
Contact: 0120-864-059 (Document request → Confirmation of service content → Delivery → Experiment → Collection)



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