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Supplying A4 clear file face shield and face shield frame "Face Tech"

Sodick has developed a face shield frame "Face Tech" that can make a real face shield from about 100 yen.
Full-scale supply will begin in mid-July.

■ Make a shield with a commercially available clear file

"Face Tech"
・Shield (clear file)
It consists of these three parts.

Composed of 3 parts

Who makes
-Punch holes on a commercially available A4/B4 clear file
-Fix to the frame with the attached clip

The shield is easy to remove and replaceable for hygiene.

In the future, in addition to medical-related and various public institutions, we plan to provide it free of charge to sports-related facilities and groups (a limited number), and supply only at the manufacturing cost of about 90 yen (tax included, shipping fee not included) per piece. I am going to.

Easy removal of shield


Announcement of Development and Supply of Face Shield Frame "Face Tech" (PDF:518KB)

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