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Surprisingly everyone doesn't know? Teach the super useful features of the standard "Map": iPhone Tips-Engadget Japan version

I think many people use "Google Maps" when viewing maps on iPhone. That's why many people don't know much about the standard "map" app. Actually, the "Maps" app has a useful function that is not surprisingly known. This time we will introduce two of them!

Always show your heading above

People who are not good at maps also have a hard time grasping their traveling direction and the direction in which the map is displayed. It is not unusual for people to go in the opposite direction without knowing and get lost.

The "Map" app has a function to always display the direction you are facing upward. Tap the white arrow on the right side of the screen twice so that the blue arrow has a vertical line. You can fix your direction to the top.

▲ Tap the white arrow twice [left]. Your direction is now always displayed above. No more rotating your body or smartphone [right]

“ Flyover '' where you can take a walk in the air

When you search for a specific major city, you can use a function called "Flyover". This means that you can look at a 3D-mapped photo of a city as if you were walking in the air. Major cities around the world are eligible for Flyover, and currently can be used in 13 locations in Japan, such as Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka and Nagasaki.

To use this "Flyover", first search for the city in question. Next, "Flyover" is displayed on the details screen, so let's tap it. The screen switches to a 3D map, and you can see the cityscape freely.

▲ Search for cities that are subject to "Flyover". Here I searched New York [left]. Tap "Flyover" [right]

If you want to see the sights of the city, tap "Start city tour". The screen switches automatically and guides you through the city.

▲ Move your smartphone to look around 360 degrees [left]. Tap "Start a city tour" to automatically guide you to the city's attractions [right]

If you want to end "Flyover", tap "x".

Be careful as the map cannot be displayed or it takes time to load if the Wi-Fi environment is not in place. In addition, the battery consumption will be faster, so you need to pay attention to the remaining battery level.


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