Sutan City's immediate appeal dismissed by Chitan ☆ Intellectual Property High Court

Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture, argued that the character “ Chitan ☆ '' very similar to the city's character “ Shinjo-kun '' infringes copyright, and asked a management company to suspend use of designs and costumes, intellectual property The High Court has ruled on January 25 that the city will dismiss the immediate appeal filed by the Tokyo District Court ruling dismissing the motion.

In February this year, Susaki City filed a petition in Tokyo District Court to suspend provisional use of Chitan ☆ 's design, but was rejected in September.

"Cleablats", who manages Chutan ☆, said, "This time, the Intellectual Property High Court has obtained the permission of Susaki City for the use of our" Chitan ☆ "design and the accompanying commercial activities. ☆ "activities actually contributed to raising the nationwide popularity of" Shinjo-kun ", and ultimately contributed to the publicity activities and regional development of Susaki City, and our trust relationship with Susaki City Was found not to have acted in such a way as to destroy the company. The assertion of the Company was found in the appeal trial following the initial trial, and the legality of our response was confirmed again. We are very grateful to all the fans and stakeholders who have supported us so far, and will continue to support you in the activities of Chutan ☆. Yo Thank you very much "and such has announced a comment.

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