Suzu Hirose commends with a beautiful face "Is it OK for me?"

Actress Suzu Hirose [21] was selected for “The Most Beautiful Face in 2019” by the beauty magazine “VOCE” and attended the award ceremony in Tokyo on the 13th.

Appearing in a white dress, when she received the trophy, she smiled, saying, “Is it all right? I received an honorable award.”

This year, he played an active role as the heroine of the NHK TV series “Natsuzora” and the first appearance on stage at “Q: A Night At The Kabuki” which was performed until 11th. Looking back over the year, he said, “I became patient. There were many sites in Nagachoba, so there were many moments to step on.”

I don't have any plans for Christmas coming soon. "I want to feel Christmas even with food because it's going to end every year. I usually love clothes, but I don't look flashy when I go to the spot. I want to spend a while surrounded by things. "

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