Suzu Hirose's "Yasagre spirit came out" clear in rebellion stage

Ryo Yoshizawa and Shinichi Tsutsumi co-starred in the premiere preview of Suzu Hirose [21], who will be the first comedy in Tokyo on March 24, starring the movie "I Died Once" [directed by Shinji Hamasaki, released on March 20]. And gave a stage greeting.

A story to save a hated father who is likely to be cremated even though his daughter in rebellion is in a state of asphyxia.

Hirose introduced the role as "I was determined to go aggressively. I was aware that my father's rebellion was strong." "I feel like the spirit of Yasagure in me has come out of my way. It started to feel comfortable, and the dialogue came out as if it diverged. It was pleasant."

Tsutsumi, who played his father, said, "It's a good simulation because I have a daughter. The kids are like that. I tell myself that it won't hurt."

Yoshizawa, who played a role without presence, said, "I do not make a role. I did it in plain Yoshizawa because of my sleep."

Other co-stars include Lily Franky, Seizu Ozawa, Hisakusaku Shimada, Tae Kimura, Shota Matsuda and others.

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