Suzuki Sarina also travels to the UK, Corona influences return to study abroad son

Talent of the talent, Sarina Suzuki [42], revealed that the eldest son studying in the UK was unable to return home due to the new coronavirus.

Suzuki reported on his Instagram on the 10th that he returned to England with his mother and niece, saying, "I came to England again to meet Riot," and continued to spend time with his eldest son on-site.

On the 19th, he reported, "I want to stay with me, but I'm going back home because I have a job." He was going to return home with his eldest son and celebrate his 10th birthday, but he said, “ School measures were taken due to the effect of the coronavirus, so we did not return home immediately, '' he said. Bye-bye. I'm my mother, but I'm also my father.

Saeko [33], a son who is studying abroad in the UK, also reported on Instagram on Tuesday that she was unable to return home due to school measures in view of the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Was.

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