Suzuki sympathize with fans for their love for the eldest son "like a boyfriend"

A talented Sarina Suzuki (42) spelled about the affection for her 10-year-old eldest son, and many comments sympathized with "I understand so much!!"

Suzuki is raising a son as a single mother. On Instagram, I continue to talk about my mother and child's life every day, but in the post on the 10th, I uploaded a picture of Ai who sat in the passenger seat of the car and said, “It may seem strange, but my son is about 10 years old. Isn't it really like a boyfriend? (I'm sometimes asked if I don't want her, but I'm really happy if I find someone who loves Rioto!! 〓 Do you know that too?) Like my boyfriend to Rioto I was told that it was a mess, but lol  I talk about anything and do everything together.”

In response to this post, a mother's fan with a child said, "I understand very much, I'm the first person who understands, I can make up immediately even if I quarrel, and I am in love with the opposite sex." "I understand. I am a third year high school student. I always think that my boyfriend will never betray me.(Unintentionally)” “I understand, I didn't mind having her! Thank you for finding my son's goodness.” “I understand so much! 26.23 He is a single mother of three sons of 22 years old, but he is still friends after the rebellion period and he feels like a boyfriend…I am full of feelings of my husband (laugh) I am happy”.

Suzuki married reggae musician TELA-C in December 2008 and had his first son and son in February 2010, but announced a divorce in December 2013.

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