Suzuki's new hustler is an active light that can be played more

Suzuki Motor has announced a new Hustler model with many fans since its launch in the SUV and crossover segments. Since its launch in 2014, this model has been closely linked to many lifestyles as a unique model that combines a light wagon with a large space and an SUV. This time, a product with further inspiration as a mini car that can be played more actively has been completed, while maintaining the unique design that can be seen as a hustler at a glance.

The square grill and round headlamps inherited from the previous generation symbolize the hustler.

The features are not only the appearance style, but also the interior space, safety, running performance, and operability. In addition, the price is about 10,000 yen difference from the conventional model while the specifications are improving. We are particular about cost performance.

The fender adopting a square design makes you feel high driving performance.

Speaking of hustlers, there are many color variations to worry about. This time, Vermilion Orange, Active Yellow, Bliss Blue Metallic, Cheerful Pink Metallic, Denim Blue Metallic, Phoenix Red Pearl, Chiffon Ivory Metallic, Cool Khaki Pearl Metallic, Off Blue Metallic, Pure White Pearl, Blueish Black are available in 11 colors. Preparation. Two new colors, "Vermilion Orange" and "Denim Blue Metallic" have been added.

In terms of safety, Suzuki Safety Support has been enhanced. Suzuki's first light-weight ACC [Adaptive Cruise] turbo model with basic functions such as "Dual Camera Brake Support" which also detects pedestrians at night and "Mis-start control function" and "Reverse brake support" Control] and the ability to take safety measures.

By customizing various accessories, you can enjoy one that suits your lifestyle.

Manufacturer retail prices range from 1,365,100 yen per model. It will go on sale on January 20, 2020.

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