SW Heroine's Ridley “To My Life”

The main cast and staff of the final part of the nine-part film “Star Wars: Dawn of Skywalker” [released on the 20th] met in Tokyo on the 12th.

Daisy Ridley [27], the heroine from the seventh work, said, “I was surprised immediately after the appearance was decided. After that, I was happy about stable employment for several years as an actor. SW was so big that I really enjoyed the field this time, which was the last time.

Oscar Isaac [39] says, “I think everyone will be humble in front of this series. The last piece that was only our secret until now will soon be released to people all over the world. John Boyega [27] originally said, “I was a big SW fan and I was happy to be a part of the world alone.”

Anthony Daniels [73], who appeared as the C-3PO role in the first work 42 years ago, said, “It began with the encounter with a genius named George Lucas, and three generations of actors in 42 years. The co-stars here are also the generations who grew up watching the early SW that I came out in. During that time, video spread and DVDs were produced, and now it is in the age of distribution. I feel that SW has always been at the forefront of the times, and it was an honorable time. ”

J.J. Abrams [53] said, “Deceased Carrie Fisher is not using CG, but this time, he used the original video as it is. It ’s also impressive to me how she plays lively in the video. As Lucas said, this series is strongly influenced by Japan, and this time, when Cairo Len ’s mask broke, he applied “Kinshitsu” technology, It reflects the atmosphere of the Kurosawa movie ”.

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