SW Premier held! Daniels and others appear as C-3PO

A premiere event was held in Tokyo on the 11th, before the release of Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker on the 20th of the final part of the 9-part series.

The heroine from Daisy Ridley [27] from the seventh work, John Boyega [27] Oscar Isaac [39] Anthony Daniels [73] and other main casts, director J. J. Abrams [53] Participate. Abrams said with a smile, "Nine days until release, now I can't hold my excitement."

Ridley is a heroine-like cloak with white glitter, “I am happy to come to Japan” and say hello in Japanese. Boyega who turned from dark side to justice is a gray cloak with a helmet-like hairstyle, Isaac, the cosmopolitan pilot, is the only actor who appeared in all nine T-shirts with metal embroidery, C- Daniels, who plays the role of 3PO and does not show his face in the play, responded to the cheering with a dark suit and a conscious dress.

The battle between good and evil that has been unfolded in the magnificent universe from the first work 42 years ago was put to an end, and this was the last premiere of the series, and the venue was equipped with various characters in the play. The fans that were On the same day, a screening the night before the exhibition in Tokyo and five other major cities was also announced.

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