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Switch "Atsume Animal Crossing" save data restoration service started on July 30th. It is not possible to restore it only if it is lost or broken-Engadget Japan version

Atsume Animal Forest Summer Update 2nd


In the second free update (Ver.1.4.0) of "Atsume Animal Crossing" summer distributed on July 30, you can use the long-awaited "save data restoration service" at the same time as adding in-game content such as fireworks display. Will be like.

The "save data restoration service" means that even if the Nintendo switch body fails or is lost, you can restore the saved data after repairing it or to another body by backing up via the net in advance, The unique mechanism of Atsume Animal Crossing.

Atsume Animal Forest Summer Update 2nd


Nintendo Switch has traditionally been able to use the "Save Data Storage" function by subscribing to Nintendo's paid online service "Nintendo Switch Online". Saved data can be automatically backed up to a server on the Internet during sleep, etc., and downloaded to another main unit for playing.

However, "Atsume Animal Crossing" does not support this service, and it does not support local transfer from one device to another or backup using an SD card. Since the save data was physically linked to the main unit, it was impossible to buy a new unit and play, or to be prepared for loss or malfunction.

"Save data restoration service" is a unique function to solve this. Although it was in time for the game to be released, and only a vague announcement that it was planned to be provided within the year, it was finally possible to obtain peace of mind.

Atsume Animal Forest Summer Update 2nd


However, it does not correspond to the standard "save data storage", and there are some points to note because it is a unique mechanism.

The biggest point is that even if you back up,Cannot be restored at the timing selected by the userthing. If the main unit fails, you will need to request a repair from the service center. If you have lost the main unit, you will need to contact Nintendo Support.

"Moving" function will be provided again this year

Atsumare Animal Forest can be played without subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online, so it may be difficult to back up like many smartphone games and online games at the same time, and at the same time strict management may be necessary to prevent fraud. But,I can't even move to a new bodyTherefore, it is certainly an inconvenient and inconvenient mechanism for players who spend a huge amount of time.

The "moving function" will be supported at a later date."We are planning this year, but we will inform you again about the details of the correspondence and timing."I am.

Precautions for using "Save data restoration service"

To use the save data restoration service,Settings are required after the Ver.1.4.0 update delivered on July

Also, in order to restore the save data backed up on the Internet,You cannot return to data that has not been backed up in advance.. In addition, there is a charge for using the same as "Save Data Storage". Join Nintendo Switch Onlineis needed.

The "Save Data Restoration Service" will start on July 30th. To all the island owners, please be careful not to lose the main unit until you update and back it up one more day and two days.

Click here for the second free summer update such as fireworks display.

Atsume Animal Forest Summer Update 2nd delivery on July 30th. Opening and visiting the island at fireworks and "Yumemi"

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