“Sylvania Park”, a theme park that recreates the world of the Sylvanian family, is now open in Osaka! Moreover, the size of 1360 tsubo is a great joy for former Sylvanian lovers

I loved the Sylvanian Families as a child. It may be unusual for a man, but from daycare to the lower grades of elementary school, I feel like I was sick of the Sylvanian Families from time to time. My boom was to fight Godzilla with the Sylvanian Families.

My longing at that time [Nakazawa] was "a small house in the forest." Cute but a little expensive Sylvanian lover. When she told her, she was given a can of Senbei and said,"When I use this instead, it's almost the same.".

After all, I became an adult without being able to buy it. The days of forgetting the longing of those days and getting excited. However, one day after a long absence, I came across news that reminded me of my childhood dream.A theme park “ Sylvania Park '' that reproduces the Sylvanian family will open in Osaka.

・ About Sylvania Park

The "Sylvania Park" will open on March 20, 2020 in Sakai Green Museum @ Harvest Hill, a hands-on agricultural park in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. By the way, it is the second place in Japan,The first location seems to have already opened in Komorebi Ibaride in Ibaraki Prefecture. I did not know that…….

This theme park not only has its members in Sylvania, but also human-sized buildings and vehicles. It's too hot for former Sylvanian lovers. Will you put it in the house of Sylvania you longed for?It's no longer a big house in the forest.


Returning to Osaka, the site area of ​​Sylvania Park in Sakai is quite large, about 4500 square meters [1360 tsubo].More than half the pitch area of ​​“Yanmar Stadium Nagai [Nagai Athletics Stadium]”…… With this size, Sylvania's “village in the woods” worldview may appear.

At that time I was supplementing everything by imagination. I was a member of the Sylvanian family. It was fun to enter the owl, squirrel, and rat houses and sit down in a chair to talk.

On the other hand, the Sylvanian Families are no longer looking just stuffed animals. I have lost the imagination of that time. I may be immersed in the world of Sylvania again. You may be able to remember the pieces of a dream you forgot. In Sylvania Park.

Source:Sakai Green Museum "Harvest Hill"

writing:Seiji Nakazawa

* All photos are from Sylvania Park in Komorebi Ibaride in Inashiki, Ibaraki.

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