System 20 year, 2 month period of 3 consecutive years of record sales, achieving year-end dividend per share dividend increase announced

*18:16JST system—20 years 2-month period is the 3 consecutive year record Revenue achieved a year-end dividend of the dividend increase announced
System<3826>10 days in 2020, FY2 announced financial results for. Net sales were up 12. 0%to 45. 54 billion yen, operating income of the same 21. 5%increase of 6. 61 billion yen, ordinary income is the same 19. 2%, an increase of 6. 64 billion yen, and net income of the 20. 8%, a decrease of 4. 58 billion yen. Strong business environment against the background of the company-wide operational efficiency, the development efficiency improved,secured a high profit ratio can be from 3 consecutive years of record sales and was.

Object Browser business sales rose 3. 6%, an increase of 7. 67 billion yen and operating income 3. 6%, a decrease of 3. 26 billion yen. “SI Object Browser”and”SI Object Browser ER”, and stable income sources. “SI Object Browser PM”the introduction of the enterprise track record 190 companies beyond the subscription model and the cloud services of the type provided increasing. “SI Object Browser Designer”in the future, the software industry is using CAD design to carry out the work with the expectation that the already patented, and the full Web version is a previous version of the challenge was to improve performance of design work, improve productivity and as a tool to expand sales to. Incidentally, during the fiscal year the Internet advertising, such as actively-premises and cloud services shift to figure more rapidly, the cloud by the orders has increased.

E-Commerce business sales rose 14. 4%, an increase of 8. 29 billion yen, operating profit of the same 50. 5%to 2. 05 billion yen. More than 20 years, e-Commerce site development business you know,large-scale EC sites of the steady running sales increase and the technology being evaluated. Also, development methods review and business improvement initiatives in response to the operating margin improving year by year, this successful,high margin business to change that.

ERP・AI business sales rose 12. 6%, an increase of 29. 14 billion yen,operating income up 11. 7%to 1. 83 billion yen. “GRANDIT”about 2019 Year 8 month in manufacturing production, sales, installation installation, and after・sale service of the business in the end can support addon modules to upgrade the version and the new release in 2019, 3 months from the subscription model, is also provided. Expertise and functionality, to lower cost and in a short period of time of introduction it is possible for small and medium businesses, including Target, have expanded the range. New business of deep learning anomaly detection system”AISI∀ Anomaly Detection[Mobile App AD]”about the period from this business, ERP business integration,ERP business accumulated business knowhow to weapons manufacturing to the AI business has been expanded.

In 2021 2 month period full-year earnings forecast, net sales were up 4. 3~9.8%, an increase of 47. 50 ~ 50.00 billion yen, and operating income of the 2. 8~13.3%, an increase of 6. 80 ~ 7.50 billion yen, ordinary income is the same 2. 8~13.3%, an increase of 6. 83~7.53 billion yen, and net income the same 4. 0~14.5%, an increase of 4. 77~5.25 billion expected. Also on the same day, a year-end dividend previous forecast of 1 per share dividend per share 12. 00 yen, from 13.00 yen to fix this entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. 《SF》

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