"T-bone steak" appears at Matsuya's steak shop "Steak shop Matsu Kichijoji"! → I feel like I lost something at the end of the conflict when I went to eat

The steak shop "Steak Yamatsu" of Matsuya, which opened on March 12, 2019 and has been well received. Only at the Kichijoji store, the T-bone steak has been launched since March 25, 2020.

T-bone steak. You know. It is a steak with a T-shaped bone attached. One of the T-shapes is a sirloin, and the other is a fin and a delicious one twice. In addition, the fact that bones are attached increases tension. It is no exaggeration to say that there are the most romance among many steaks. I have to go eat!

·1,500 yen

By the wayPrice is 1500 yen. Well, I think it's a bit expensive for a meal, but I like salads and soups on my own, and I think the 1500-yen T-bone steak is a very expensive cospa.Because T-Bone!

I bought a ticket at a ticket vending machine. For in-store systems, etc.,Article when visiting at the time of openingPlease refer to.

Wait 10 minutes while watching the T-bone steak poster posted on the wall

The long-awaited T-bone steak!

I came …

Appeared fairly flashy in a bloody outfit, but on the hot plate, the fire that looked like a jujube passed through.

And the splashing fat and the good smell of burning meat. AlreadyDelicious with eyes, ears and nose.

How long you bake will have its own taste. I felt like a medium this day, so I cut it, pressed it against the plate and baked it.There are various kinds of seasonings near the tableSo, as you like. This time, I will eat black pepper and rock salt.


Simple and delicious. Steak Yamatsu is doing good. Not too hard, not too soft, for 1,500 yen, this T-bone steak would be an ant at all. If it was 2,000 yen, it could be a little thicker or somehow stuck,This is excellent at 1500 yen.

By the way, around the T-shaped bone,He / she puts kitchen knife in good feelingSo you can cut easily!

-You know?

I finished eating good feeling like that …No, not yet. A little trouble about the bones that can be cut easily …A situation that calls for dignityHas occurred …

T bone steak around this bone,Subtly meaty. I'm sorry to talk about it privately. Regardless of the steak, for all boned meats, I want to eat meat around the bones.What's up to cartilage.

So, this time, look at the bones of the T-bone steak, which was easy to cut roughly with a kitchen knife

I mean …


It's vulgar …

I want to suck around

Do you say … I understand?た い I want to eat the meat on this bone somehow beautifully. Rather,This is the most delicious one. Surely I can't go back to not scraping the meat on this bone and eating it. Well what happened?

・ To the second round

Steal the eyes of clerks and other customersLet's just throw it into your mouthBut here is Kichijoji. Outside of a shopping district with lots of people, I think it's a good idea to suck around the bones of T-bone steak. No, not at all.

Then grab it with your hand and stick with it? No, it feels useless. Because it is a full view at the relatively open seat,There is an old man who sucked bones"It seems to be written on the net. If I had a partition, I would have hid it.

It seems like a civilized person, and I have to do it with a knife and fork. In this way, extra time … no, I'm going into the second round. We cut off the meat with just a knife and fork.

And about 15 minutes to wrestle.finally

AlreadyNo more than a boneUp to that point

Successfully stripped off edible parts.

I enjoyed T-bone steak as much as this. It was delicious.

And when I stood, the clerkI'm looking over hereI noticed that. Oh, maybe you're desperately stripping your meatHave you watched all the time?Succeeded ぇ She is eating the meat around the bone of the T-bone steak with a knife and fork with a serious face,watched? Did you watch?Pia, did you look away …?

・ Detailed data of restaurants introduced this time

Store nameSteak Yamatsu Kichijoji store
Street address2-12-14-28 Kichijoji Honmachi, Musashino City, Tokyo
time11: 00-22: 00

Source:Steak yamatsu, Twitter @matsuya_foods

Report:Egawa supplies

Photo: RocketNews24.

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