T Swift "poisoned male privilege" accuses Mr Brown

Taylor Swift [30] won the “Women of the Decade” award on the 12th for the past 10 years at Billboard Women in Music sponsored by US Billboard Magazine did.

Swift, in a powerful speech lasting 15 minutes, mentions the conflict with the label that broke out because the former big label “Machine Machine Record”, which had left last year, acquired the original rights to the past songs. Strictly accused the business of the music industry.

Scooter Brown, known as Justin Bieber manager, acquired Big Machine in June this year, including the rights to the original Swift. Swift then tried to purchase the rights to the master, but refused and revealed that all rights had passed to Mr. Scooter.

In addition, “The scooter did not contact me or a team of people about buying or selling the rights to the master. He should have known what I think. The definition of“ toxic male privileges ”in this industry is , When I'm raising a question about artists and their rights to music, people say, “But he was always a good person.” Someone who has what he needs "It's only natural to be a good person," he attacked Scooter head-on.

At the end of the speech, Swift expressed appreciation to the women who supported him during the debate with Brown and his former label, and “The most wonderful thing is to speak to me in the most difficult time. "It was a woman in the music industry who supported me in the meantime. I will never forget it."

[New York = Naoko Kameme]

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