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T2_Flexible keyboard with touch panel that becomes numeric keypad and shortcut key review-Engadget Japan version

From "AFU STORE", which has launched various projects at GREEN FUNDING, a keyboard "T2_Flexible" equipped with a multifunctional touch panel is being developed. The price starts from 8,980 yen per set, and 2 sets and 10 sets are available at discounted prices.

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T2_Flexible is equipped with a 4-inch LCD touch panel on the right side of the main unit, and can use five functions of "mouse", "numeric keypad", "shortcut key", "calculator", "music playback", and "time display".

The "Mouse" function has functions that allow you to operate point movement, click, drag and drop like a physical mouse. However, in this trial, the operation was heavy and difficult to handle.

The “numeric keypad” is the same as the one on the iPhone, so it could be used as usual. I thought that it was difficult to use many numeric keys that could not be arranged, so this usability was very good.

You can set up to 24 "shortcut keys", and you can register frequently used apps, folders and files in 12 of them. "Calculator" allows you to call functions immediately from the function keys, so you can save the trouble of launching apps on your smartphone. "Music playback" can stop, play, and skip songs. "Time display" is activated by pressing and holding the home button of the function key.

Engadget▲ Function keys are provided on the left side so that functions can be called up more quickly.

As for the operability of the keyboard itself, the tapping sound is calm, and the feel is good with a moderate sinking. It didn't take long for me to get used to it even if I felt it was hard to hit with a keyboard other than a MacBook.

Startup is smooth and there is no typing lag because it is wired. I think it would be more convenient to support wireless. The array is only for the US, so those who use a Mac regularly and those who use the JIS array need to get used to it.

I eventually wrote this article using the trackpad on my laptop. However, I think that there is a remarkable thing about the good handling of this size feeling and the large number of functions. If you are looking for a compact keyboard and have a mouse that you use regularly, you can say that it is a recommended product.

This "T2_Flexible" is currently not available for general release, and the project is being developed at GREEN FUNDING. Please check it out until 23:59 on March 31, 2020.

Support this project with GREEN FUNDING


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