Tae Tsuchiya's sister Anne flames shows off sexy costumes in front of a luxury car

Blu-ray / DVD Supermarket of the movie “Wild Speed ​​/ Super Combo” held in Tokyo on May 10th by Misako Tsuchiya [24], an older sister of actress Tadashi Tsuchiya [24] and Miss Japan 2019 Participated in a premium set release event.

Appeared in a sexy costume inspired by Hattie performed by Vanessa Kirby in the movie. “I'm fresh because I don't do this hard work,” he said with a smile.

The Super Premium Set costs 35.8 million yen with a luxury car "McLaren720S" and a Blu-ray set that appear in the movie. In front of McLaren720S, Tsuchiya said, “It ’s nice and powerful. I said that I don't have a driver's license, “I want to go to a driving school next year”, but when I get a question about driving with McLaren720S, “I would like to go with my family to see the illumination.” Told.

Mr. Tsuchiya has been cheerleading with the company employees and the Fujitsu Frontiers of the American Football X-League after being selected as Miss Japan this year. Looking back on this year, “It was a turning point. I think it was a good year for us to spend the time we were aiming for.” Also, as for next year's goal, “I want to make it a year where I can challenge even bigger things. Since next year there will be the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, I want to be involved in something,” he said.

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