Taekwondo chairman Kimbara retires from interview

The Taekwondo Association of Japan held a regular member general meeting in Tokyo on the 26th, and it has been officially decided that Noboru Kanehara [65] will step down from the post of chairman.

Mr. Kanbara, speaking at the press conference, described the ethics of the news on the Fuji TV-related information program that the voice data of the private board of directors held in October was washed away. According to a survey by the association and others, staff from the department handed over recorders to some directors. As a result, it was washed away in broadcast form.

Mr. Kanehara said, "It's malicious. It's very inappropriate. According to social wisdom, it's not possible." He said, "I have players and officials hold the tape and collect the tape. I want you to make an appointment not to take such inappropriate actions."

According to the staff of the Bureau, "The board was held. You can tell if you can talk even if it is not closed. In that regard, if the sound is released, it seems that there is no problem if you do not say." Mr. Kanbara said, "It's not the theory of consequences."

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